Monday, February 22, 2010

Love actually.....

I know, Valentine's Day is over.  I just want to show you the card I made for Big Jim.  Here's how the whole thing went down.  I get out of bed on Valentine's morning, fabulously horrific bed head (I'm practically famous for it), and I saunter down the hall in my fluffy pink pj's scratching my right butt cheek.  The big guy is waiting for me in the living room with a coffee and a big glittery bag.  I jump up and down like a five year old.  Very becoming behaviour I must say.  So I open the bag which contains craft books, chocolates, more chocolates and a gorgeous card. (He favours Papyrus, so do I).  I go gaga over all of these tokens of his affections.  I present him with this card.  He says, "oh my God, I love your work."  Hmm, I think, well done.  He is most fascinated by the glittery pink paper and says, "wow, look at this paper, you're amazing" "how do you do it?".  I bite my lip and say "Oh, you know, it's just a thing I do".  Meanwhile I'm looking at the card and seeing that he is in fact loving a premade glittery patterned paper that I had absolutely no part in producing.  So I said, "Yeah, and look at those embossed hearts too."  He goes, "hmm, yeah but that paper you made, whoa, amazing!"  So then I say, "hhhaa, haa, yeah it is good eh?" and I decide to not reveal anything further.  Enough said, the day was a success.  The end.

Here are the accessories to the crime:

Stamps:  SU I (Heart) Hearts, CTMH sentiment
Paper: SU Sending love, SU Pretty in pink, basic black
Accessories: gingham ribbon (May Arts at, brads (who knows?), black embossing powder

I wil always do my best to tell you about the products I've used but heck, I just don't remember everything.


  1. OH i love it!!!!!!!!!! (and what he doesn't know won't hurt being appreciated for something whether you did it or not is fun too!)

  2. You're too funny Deb!!! At least you have an observant hubby, mine likely wouldn't even notice the paper or think to comment on it!! Beautiful card Deb!!!

  3. Sweet sweet card! LOVE that paper you made! ;) I can see why he loved this beautiful card!


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