Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Enough of the monkey business already!

Monkeys. Who doesn't love monkeys?  I'll tell ya who.  My brother David doesn't like monkeys.  You want to know why?  It's because when we were little we went to the Granby Zoo in Quebec (I think that's what is was called) and were innocently walking around taunting animals from afar.  So then, David sees a little monkey in a cage.  Okay, so far so good.  He approaches the monkey with his happy little boy face and kneels down in front of the cage.  Well before you could say planet of the apes, the monkey attacks him.  Scratches his face.  David screamed (like a girl if you must know) and my Dad jumped in and did some fancy monkey handlin' and the beastly primate unhanded him.  And that is the story of My Brother's Afraid of Monkeys; soon to be released in paperback.  In the meantime here is a monkey card to make you think of my brother David.  Do not let this monkey's kind face fool you.  They all look like that in the beginning.  Stand back.  I know that this picture looks like crap. Sorry. In real life it's not so washed out.  Forgive me.

Accessories to the crime:

Stamps:  Stampin' Up - Sock Monkey , sentiment - SU
Paper:  I think this is from K & Co. but I wouldn't swear to it, SU cardstock
Accessories: Nestibilities, oval punch SU, flower punch SU, ribbon, SU markers, 1/8th punch SU

Remember if you have any questions whether it be about my projects or monkey taming please contact me.


  1. Very cute!! I love monkeys!! My brother had a rooster incident (:

    Jenn (:

  2. Rule # 1 of visiting monkeys in the zoo -- bring gifts - like bananas...but not stuffed bananas - they hate that. David should know better. No gift!

    Great card!

  3. I LOVE monkeys!!! So sad for David!

    Now I would like to know how you can tame a monkey and make them play those little pianos Darthy!

  4. I am enormously grateful to regular doses of Darthy with and wisdom!

  5. Magoo, it all starts at a very early age. The prestigious Suzuki School of Music has an outstanding program where not only do the monkeys learn to play the piano but they also teach them poise and charm. Organ grinding is an advanced course and only the smartest little monkeys make it. And there you have it.

  6. Actually Deb, I don't think it was at the zoo - it was at a little circus kind of thing in Sudbury -- he was only about 3 - which surprises me that he still isn't saying 'remember when I was 3" which is what he did for 2 years after he actually was 3. But I digress! Great card -- I used to have a set like that - wonder what happened to it?!?


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