Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm baaaacccccccckkk!

Hello all my fellow bloggers, I know that I have been absent for much too long, I hear your thousand of voices calling to me...... Insert insane laughter here.  Okay I heard maybe one or two voices but I wished it was thousands. I have had a very horrible cases of mojo missingitis.  Bad case.  I was in Toronto over the weekend and attended the Copic Certification course.  I passed!!!!! Cool eh?  Yeah cool.   So here is a couple of atc's  which has absolutely nothing to do with Copics but I wanted to post something so you didn't think I was dead. 

I absolutely love doing atc's and these were a few of my early one's.  It's another thing I need to get back to.  Have a wonderful week everyone.
PS  I'm in celebration mode because my dearest daughter is home from Australia!!! She's a bona fide teacher now!
Welcome home Lindsay!


  1. your allowed time off, your in happy mode for your daughter!--congrats to lindsay:)

    and congrats to you on your copics certification--sweet little cards, esp, like the little envelope on the second one!

  2. Congrats to Lindsay :)
    Congrats to your certification!
    Your cards are wonderful!

  3. Welcome back!! Lovely cards! Congrats on your Copic certification & your daughter's graduation!

  4. That pretty enjey the clebraetion

  5. Wow! These are wonderful Deb! I see Barb inspired you to do some ATC's! LOVE them! You are an ATC master my dear friend! p.s. I passed the course too - how cool :)

  6. Wait you were in Toronto and didn't call me??? Oh that's still a bit of a drive for me, but for you Sweet Darthy I would do it!
    LOVE the Tradin' Cards!

    CONGRATS on the Certification! Isn't it a FUN class?!

    CONGRATS TO LINDSAY!! YAHOOOOO!! Is she staying closer to home now????


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